First story (confusion)

It’s funny that I’m writing. I, myself is very confused right now and this should not be the first blog I wrote here. But I just feel like putting my thoughts here for some reason. 

So, it’s Thursday morning, I walked into my office with a disappointment. The aircons were off, my head is burdened by the thought of not finding a single song that fits for the big event, the stories that I need to be monitored on, and everything else is wrong. I feel like my life is in a big mess at this moment. 

I kept telling my buddies that I’m wiped out, weary and do not feel like going to work. Going to work is like a torture to me. Counting the days is killing me even more. I do not know why, really. Is it too much off days that I took? Am I bored with this job? Is it because of the repetition? I have no idea and I do not have the answer. 

I just feel really lost and confused. So, what I did was going out every night with some friends. Every night, I spend time by going to cafes, restaurants, and movies with different circle of friends. We chatted, laughed and chatted again and laughed some more. But, when I got back home, I asked myself, ” what exactly am I doing?” I tried to pray, but my mind just was not there. I just hope that everything will be alright and eventually this feeling of lost and confused will be over soon. I wish that I could find the answers to all of this.